How Azure credit Active Directory Works?

Started by Evelin, Jan 10, 2023, 01:45 AM

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Azure Credit Active Directory which is the single and universal cloud-based identity and access management platform will have an Azure AD or AD which helps employees to sign in and access various resources within the organization.

a. Microsoft Online Services
b. Azure Credit AD Premium Licenses.

365 Microsoft Azure Credit License identity platform to manage your internal and external users securely. Store user information like Name, ID, Email, Address etc.1.2 billion of identities and processes over 8 billion authentications which is huge in numbers.

a. Add or delete users
b. Restore users
c. Add or change user profile information
d. Reset or change a user's password
e. Self- service password reset
f. Assign or remove user roles
g. Create or remove user licenses
h. Edit Azure AD group information
i. Add, remove or change Azure AD group owners

Azure Credit Active Directory supports single sign-on to more than 2800 SaaS (software as a Service) Google Apps, Service now,
Azure AD also provides identity management for PaaS and IaaS applications. Other applications or services without entering any Credentials.