Explain how AWS Credit Billing functioning.

Started by Evelin, Dec 02, 2022, 04:01 AM

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Explain how AWS Credit Billing functioning.

AWS Organization provides consolidated billing process which includes combined costs and console Management. The management account will filter the Consolidated Billing which activated under your organization in AWS. Some key features for your view,
a. Get started: AWS Billing and Cost Management console to create your Billing Accounts.
b.Creating an Organization: The management account is responsible for paying the charges of all the members accounts.
c. Inviting an AWS account to join Your Organization: Invite existing accounts to join your organization.
d. Each member account is independent from other member account. (accounts are explicitly restricted by policies)
e. Each account owner continues to use their own IAM User name and password accounts in the organization. (Assigned independently)

AWS Credits Billing Secured by the AWS Multi-Factor Authentication with strong Password. (change your password on the AWS Security Credentials page).
Billing process of AWS invoices for monthly usage charges and recurring fees. At any time, you can view and estimate the charges for the current month and previous month, for make it easy sub topics are included,
a. Viewing your monthly charges.
b. Getting an invoice emailed to you
c. Cost and usage Reports
d. Managing Your Payments.