How to cancel Azure Credit Subscriptions

Started by Evelin, Jan 07, 2023, 03:10 AM

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Azure Credit Subscription cancel portal experience allow you to turn-off auto-renewal for an associated support plan and stop all Azure Credit resources subscription depending on their environment. Billing Account owner should follow the instructions given bellows.

a. Azure portal, navigate to Cost management + Billing.
b. Products + Services (all selections from the Billing Subscriptions)

Although Azure Credit not required Microsoft recommends in action before you cancel the Account subscriptions,

1. Back up your data. (Azure storage SQL, Virtual Machine save an image locally)
2. Shut down your services. (Stop any running virtual machines or other services)
3. Consider migration your data (move resources to new resources group)
4. Delete all resources.
5. Azure Custom (Troubleshoot problems with custom roles)