Azure Credit Pricing System

Started by Evelin, Jan 05, 2023, 04:24 AM

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Azure Credit cloud Pricing combine in Substantial savings, with the transparent and competitive pricing, with grade cost management tools in different angels. Featured are categorized into 2 variants,

1. Pricing detail by Products
a. Storage Accounts.
b. Apps Services.
c. Azure Credit cosmos DB.
d. Azure Credit Blob storage.
e. Microsoft Cost management.

2. Pay less with Azure Credit.

a. SQL Managed instance
(85% saving compare to Amazon RDS)

b. Windows Virtual Machines
(71% saving compare to AWS EC2)

c. SQL Server virtual Machines.

Azure Credit is priced in US dollars throughout the world, Azure support, reservations and Azure product and services. You transact in one of the other supported currencies, first month cost is calculated in US dollars.

United State- Dollar ($) USD
Switzerland-  Franc (chf)CHF.
Canada –      Dollar ($) CAD
Australia –   Dollar ($) AUD
Euro Zone –   Euro (EUR)
Taiwan –      Dollar (NT$) TWD
United Kingdom – Pound (GBP)