Azure Credit Monthly Service Calculations Features.

Started by Evelin, Jan 05, 2023, 02:27 AM

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Azure Credit Cloud Monthly Service Calculations is totally accumulated for all internet-facing VMs in the same availability with "Downtime" minutes of subscription with external connectivity.
"Monthly Uptime Percentage" for cloud services calculations by Microsoft Azure Credit Subscription in (%) of represented database.

a. Virtual machines
Total accumulated minutes of Maximum available Minutes that have no connectivity.

b. Express Route

Total accumulated minutes during billing months given by Azure Credit with the subscription in Microsoft Circuit.

c. Storage Service Account
Total accumulated minutes during monthly billing when Azure Credit Microsoft Dedicated Circuit is unavailable.

d. Backup Services
Total accumulated Development Minutes across all Protected items for Backup during Backup services take over by Azure Credit Microsoft Cloud Platform.

e. Azure Credit Active Directory Premium
Any period when user is not able to log in to the services, Azure Credit follows with the password reset, Access panel operations, IT administration at any time activation.
(Not able to create, read, write and delete directory from the application which controlled by Azure Credit Cloud platform)