What are the selected services found with Azure credits.

Started by Evelin, Jan 04, 2023, 02:08 AM

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Azure Credit cloud platform windows offers web apps, HDInsight, Virtual machines and discounted relative to published Pay-as-you-go rates. The rate on services is equal to the rate for a Linux virtual machine of the same size and type.

a. A windows Server/ Medium(A2)/ Basic Instance virtual machine is billed.
b. A websites/Large (L) Standard is billed.
(A3) Standard Instance virtual machine rates.
c. A HDInsight Head Node (extra Large A4 instance) is billed.

Azure Credit services are being used for any prohibited purpose, in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate your access to the Azure Services.

1. Payment Options
Credit Card will be accepted. (Virtual credit card and prepaid are not accepted)

2. Cancellation policy
You may cancel at any time. Payment is required for outstanding fees.

3. Offer availability
Countries and regions will b e billed in the currency note.