variants of free Azure Credit.

Started by Evelin, Jan 04, 2023, 01:47 AM

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Azure Credit are applicable in three variants from the cloud platform. Services based on your needs including websites, cloud services, mobile services, storage and SQL database and many more. Free credits can go long way instead of Account pause/ stop/ delete.

a. $200 for 30 days

You receive $200 Azure Credit with opening trial account. Cannot carry for 30 days.
Default resources will be suspended after 30 days (when your credit consumed)

b. $25/month for 12 months
Azure Credit of $25/ month for one year which is totally of $300. You no need credit card to use this credit.

c. $50-150/ month for unlimited time.
Azure credit through MSDN offers between$50 and $150 per month. You no need a credit card to open the account. If your company platform having Enterprise Agreement (EA) purchasing contract you get discounted rate on many resources.