Benefits of Azure Credit Card

Started by Evelin, Jan 04, 2023, 01:45 AM

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Azure Credit Card act with no annual fee and law rates out of everyday purchases you make with your Azure Card.

a. Introductory offer for Azure Credit Cardholder
Receive 10,000 bonus points (if u spend $2,000 for first four month)
(10,000points = $100)
b. Enjoy 0.00% APR on your purchases and transfer balancing. (16.74% APR)

Earn points for every purchase. Redeem your points for cash.
a.3 x the points (for every dollar spent online food deliveries and groceries)
b.2 x the points (for every dollar spent on streaming services)
c.1 x the points (for every dollar spent on everything else)

Every day protection
Enjoy everyday protections for the big and little things in your life.
a. Price Protection (lower Price)
b. Return Protection
c. Cell Phone Protection (in case phone lost or stolen)
d. Zero liability (fraudulent charges)
e. Identity theft Protection (NortonLife Lock)
f. Mobile Notification and email alerts (merchant cards and declined transactions)
g. Fraud Alerts (suspicious charges)

Secure Usage
These ways to make your card more secure.
a. Digital Wallet (Google pay)
b. Contactless Card (tap your card to pay)
c. Card management tools (digital banking- Lock & Unlock your card)
d. Instant Card Access (online and digital wallet purchases)