What can I do with my Azure Credits?

Started by Evelin, Jan 02, 2023, 05:40 AM

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 Azure Credits are helps to calculate the credits you need to implement each scenario and how to create the scenarios with product and pricing details to. There are some unique factors,

a.Host a static web site.
Use Azure credit Storage to host your static website in a cost- effective and scalable way.

b.Deploy a containerized website
Use image from Docker Hub or a private registry to take advantage of autoscaling, load balancing and modern DevOps practices.

c.   Integrate your data and services sing serverless.
Azure Credit functions, highly reliable compute platform, to process applications data through a serverless backend using bindings.

d.Deploy website to a virtual machine.
Customized and control every aspect of your web server with a secure, compliant, and reliable Linux or windows VM

e.Deploy a Python web app
Azure credit take advantage to execute your heaviest Python queries in second using Postgre SQL