Combine features of Azure Credit

Started by Evelin, Dec 23, 2022, 01:14 AM

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Azure credit is a cloud computing platform and online portal allows you to access and manage services and resources. Helps to storing and transforming your data. Features as follow.
a.Compute: Compute resources created within the Azure credit configured with IP addresses
b.Mobile: Build mobile devices with cloud application, support for back-end tasks.
c.Web: web application development ,API management, content delivery and reporting.
d.Storage: Scalable cloud storage for structured and unstructured data. (Big data project, Persistent storage and archival storage)
e.Networking: Connections and Gateways for load balancing  DNS hosting towards Azure Credit Virtual Networking. (DDoS-distributed denial-of-services)
Azure Credit provides numerous services identity and access management, firewall and security services to help establish resources including data transforming.