How can I buy Azure credit?

Started by Evelin, Dec 23, 2022, 11:08 PM

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You can buy Azure credit activation from the OSA key. Azure credit pricing is specific to the services consumed. You purchase Azure Payments credits from your reseller in the form of an Online Service Activation (OSA) Key. Services are valid for 12 months.
1.A familiar, convenient purchasing option
Many small and mid-size business purchase through Microsoft Open Licensing and are available through the same convenient programs in the software.
1.Purchase Azure through your reseller
Fast and easy to start getting benefits towards azure credit for your business, saving money on IT and scaling p or down as needed. Simple, flexible to purchase credit from resellers.
1.Getting started
Azure credit is easy to get from the cloud platform Pinpoint helps to start the process. Products are free basis;

1.Linux Virtual Machines
2.Windows Virtual Machines
3.Managed Disks
4.Blob Storage
5.File Storage
6.Microsoft SQL Server Database.
7.Azure Cosmos DB
8.Bandwidth (Outbound Data Transfer)