What are the features we can see with an Azure?

Started by Evelin, Dec 15, 2022, 04:51 AM

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Azure's integrated cloud resources meet all security and compliance requirements while being easily customizable for a company's unique needs. Deploy and manage apps more quickly and easily without buying or maintaining the underlying infrastructure.
General Availability
· New portal experience for Microsoft Artifact Registry.
· Enhanced IPv6 functionality for Multivalued profiles in Azure Traffic Manager.
· Azure Backup supports the backup of Write Accelerator-enabled disks.
· Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights.
· Ledger in Azure SQL Database.
· Azure Cognitive Service for Language

It is the second-largest worldwide service provider of IaaS and PaaS. Flexible, cost-effective, and at the cutting edge of Technology. It is a perfect solution for businesses looking to grow and stay ahead of the competition.