Why use Azure?

Started by Evelin, Dec 13, 2022, 11:26 PM

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Azure is a cloud computing Platform and online Portal that allows you to access and manage cloud services and resources provided by Microsoft. You might be interested in exploring the various uses of Azure.
1. Application development: You can create any web application in Azure.
2. Testing: After developing an application successfully on the platform, you can test it.
3. Application hosting: Once the testing is done, Azure can help you host the application.

a. Create virtual machines: You can create virtual machines in any configuration you want with the help of Azure.

b. Integrate and sync features: Azure lets you integrate and sync virtual devices and directories.

c. Collect and store metrics: Azure lets you collect and store metrics, which can help you find what works.

d. Virtual hard drives: These are extensions of virtual machines; they provide a huge amount of data storage.